Brown's Hotel, Drawing Room

In the heart of London’s elegant Mayfair, dating back to 1837, Brown’s Hotel is an iconic luxury hotel where history and 21st century sophistication come together. The retreat of choice for royalty, presidents and literary greats over the centuries, Brown’s Hotel is an enduringly distiguished destination in London.

Having created a new Concierge desk and Reception area and renovated the Donovan Bar in the past, Fileturn were commissioned once again to work in this prestigious hotel.

In the Drawing Room all the original wood panelling was restored preserving the historic significance of the room. New light fixtures were installed and decoration included new paintwork and wallpaper whilst working around the Grand Piano, which could not be removed from the room.

Due to the hotel being kept open during the project there were noise restrictions in place which meant equipment could only be used for three hours each day to ensure disturbance of the guests was kept to a minimum.

Fileturn worked closely with the hotel’s acclaimed design team as many changes were made during the project. Our team came up with solutions for these changes without impacting on the duration of the
project, which was not moveable - just like the Grand Piano.