Alston Bar & Beef, Manchester

The gin and steak specialists Alston Bar & Beef serve a staggering 58 different types of gin and a selection of 35-day-aged steaks, a style of dining and drinking that has been developed and honed in the flagship restaurant located in Glasgow.

When they acquired the open shell site in the Manchester Corn Exchange, which is 150 years old, the plan was to create a similar interesting environment within this very old building.

The many special features include a bespoke metal staircase with feature lighting. Specialist metal screens were created with coloured textured glass that permeates different colour lighting. These separate the private dining area and help to create overflow areas. Aged waiter and 'Meet and Greet' stations were sourced and installed and antique brass was used on all the metal work to complete the desired ‘historic’ look.

The lighting that we installed has been designed by Intu Lighting to create the unusual effects that were desired. The different seating areas are defined by themed leather chairs and fabric covered fixed seats.

Downstairs a speakeasy bar was built with a relaxed 'chill' theme, created by the enhanced lighting. Upstairs is an open plan kitchen that allows diners to see the chefs at work. Throughout the restaurant there are stunning graphic artworks on the walls.

Fileturn designed and installed both passenger and disabled lifts featuring a stylish mesh cladding to blend in with the theme of the building.