Pergola on the Wharf, Canary Wharf

This was a large capacity site located on the Crossrail terrace at Canary Wharf providing one of London’s most impressive roof terraces.

Our brief was to create a new exciting environment described by the client as “A botanical waterside Eden.” To achieve this a wide range of plants were brought in and planted all the way from the front entrance throughout the building. The ceilings had a matrix of wood beams installed from which faux plants could be draped to complete the design concept. A considerable amount of new lighting was installed entwined with the planting to create a vibrant bar and restaurant atmosphere.

A new kitchen area was created, along with a Private Dining Room. The existing two bars were refurbished with new cladding, bar tops and service areas. New waiter stations were added, the toilets were refurbished with new sanitary ware, flooring, tiled walls and decorations.