Guillam, London

Guillam, a London Coffee House, was established with the goal of creating a welcoming environment where customers can enjoy some of the finest coffees available. The name Guillam was inspired by the character Peter Guillam from John Le Carre’s book Call For The Dead, reflecting their international and inclusive identity. They strive to offer safe and welcoming spaces for people from all walks of life. Minimal elegance, mixed with friendliness and quality of ingredients defines Guillam and will remain at the heart of everything they do as they grow.

Fileturn was commissioned to deliver their Mayfair roastery. Starting with on the empty unit, we made the design concept a reality. The ground floor coffee shop featured polished plastering – walls, ceiling and bar. There was also an elliptical ceiling with LED uplighting. We also worked on the basement creating a back of house area.

The space was designed by 3Stories, the concept of which was ‘as coffee rolls around the inside of your cup it forms an undulating pattern, an ever changing watermark, unique to each cup.’ The design introduced warm, tactile materials to celebrate the softness found in a cup of coffee paired with stainless steel that accentuates the science behind a good coffee, to achieve an inviting, sleek place.