The Court

The Court was formerly the location of Bag O’Nails – the music venue where Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were regulars both on and off stage. It is also the venue where the Paul McCartney met Linda Eastman, who became his wife in 1969. Now Soho's new private members’ club boasts artwork by Bradley Theodore, inspired by contemporary fashion and the works of Frida Kahlo. The artwork adorns the corridors and toilets and features both past and present well known individuals.
Fileturn created the new feel venue with fabric ceilings, walnut panelled walls and doors. The club features a bespoke padded & brass bar with high stool seating, private dining room, music stage and a dance area. Individual curved seating booths create an intimate area for clients to sit and talk. The floor is parquet wood panels and granite in-laid with brass strips creating an individual style in-keeping with the décor of the room. Lighting is bespoke to create the right ambience. Fileturn also upgraded all M&E, refurbished the kitchen area and exterior of the building