Carmel, London

Carmel is Josh Katz’s third restaurant located in London’s Queen Park.

The design brief was to create a casual and informal space for an all-day offering, where people would feel equally comfortable meeting friends for brunch through lunch to late night dining and drinking. This brief meant that the space needed to be adaptable to create a different and changing atmosphere throughout the day.

The design focused on the use of raw, natural and earthy materials like timber, hand-made materials like timber, hand-made terracotta and ceramic tiles and raw plaster, as well as a large selection of green plants throughout the restaurant interior and exterior, strengthening the natural theme and connection between inside and outside spaces.

Fileturn were appointed to implement the design brief, demonstrating their craftsmanship and refined detailing.

Fileturn took part in a value engineering process, working closely with the architects to reduce the overall budget.

One of the challenges of the project was that it was a very tight space with a large amount of services and equipment, so the co-ordination between them needed to be seamless.

“Carmel reinvigorates a perhaps overworked restaurant genre, crowns an emergent dining district and expands a beloved brand with real confidence, craft and cool.”

Jimi Famurewa, Evening Standard's restaurant critic