The Drift, London

The Drift is Drake & Morgan’s fifth bar, and following the success of their working relationship with Fileturn on previous award winning bars, they commissioned Fileturn yet again to carry out the shell fit-out.

Located in Heron Tower, the latest iconic sky scraper to fill the London skyline. The mezzanine floor has a view into the £5m fish tank located in the tower reception area, diners will not only be able to watch the marine life, but also a scuba diver dedicated to maintenance!

Drake & Morgan’s designers include a feature element at each site. At The Drift Fileturn’s specialist team mosaic tiled the whole area along the bar from the floor, up and over a bulkhead containing LED lights, and over part of the ceiling.

All site deliveries had to be booked to enter through the main loading bay and come up in the goods lift which serves all 40 floors.